Physical Access, Hard of Hearing and Deaf Resources


Wheelchair Access

The main entrance is accessible at both venues.


Accessible parking is available on Front Street and in the parking lot behind Chase Bank across the street from the State. The parking deck on Front Street also has accessible parking spaces and an elevator. There is a ramp through the tunnel that leads to the Bijou from Lot B.


Wheelchair seating is available on either side of the theater on the main floor, along with companion seating. Companion seating is available, ask the house manager or ushers for assistance. The balcony can only be accessed by stairs.


The accessible bathroom is on the main floor at the State Theatre. It is a unisex bathroom.

The bathrooms at the Bijou are both accessible and are located at the rear of the theater.

Assistive Devices



Infrared hearing assistive technology is available for the hard of hearing at the State Theatre. Headsets are available for use on the ground floor.

Contacta InfoLoop

A Contacta InfoLoop induction loop system has been donated to the State Theatre by Dr. Sandra Leahy and Dr. Kathleen Sawhill of Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan.

This loop system provides hearing accessibility for people with hearing impairment in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995. It is the most advanced and versatile range of loop systems available and it has been donated to promote better hearing and hearing accessibility.

People with hearing aids that are equipped with a telecoil (telephone program/switch) are able to listen to the movie (or presentation) using their hearing aid in its telephone program. The audio signal of the movie will be transmitted directly from the theaters sound system to the persons hearing aid. The loop system significantly reduces background noise, making listening clearer and easier. Note that at this time the system is only available on the main floor (not the balcony). The system also includes four portable headsets for people who are hearing impaired and do not have hearing aids equipped with a telecoil. We hope this will make you movie going experience more pleasurable.

If you want more information on induction loop go to or call Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan at 231-922-1500.

Sony Access Glasses

A brand new Sony Access Glasses system has just been installed in the State Theatre and Bijou by the Bay thanks to community donations. This system will be available on select films at the State and Bijou.

When wearing the lightweight glasses, users can see closed caption text seemingly superimposed onto the picture they are watching on screen – it’s a natural subtitled movie experience. The subtitles may include descriptive text, helping the wearer further immerse themselves into the experience.  In addition, the receiver is equipped with an audio assist function, and with headphones (provided by the State, or you can bring your own), a cinema audio experience will be possible for those with hearing or visual impairments. With Sony’s Entertainment Access Glasses, a broader range of the movie-going public can now enjoy exciting movie experiences.

Look for the indication below that the film has Sony Access Glasses technology available. Find our more about the technology here.